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In our culture of hustle, burnout is a badge of honor. But we’re here to do things differently. It takes courage to go against the grain: to honor your needs, be gentle with your body, and create harmony between your health and the demands of your daily life. In a world where healing journeys can be lonely, the I Am Well community gives you the space to heal into your highest self.

We get it. Trying to take care of yourself while going for your dreams can be an isolating journey full of missteps, loneliness, and self doubt. When you start to stand up for your wellbeing, you need bravery, and you need back up.

Welcome home. We’re a holistic wellness community for female creatives, providing you with the tools to help heal anxiety and burnout while building a foundation of health so you thrive.

Through one-on-one wellness consulting, group programs, and events and workshops, we gather in community to explore healing modalities and connect back to our bodies.

We host events and workshops around meditation, breathwork, yoga, holistic nutrition, ayurveda, acupuncture, and other healing modalities that allow us to start the process of self-inquiry and healing.

We’ll remind you that self care isn’t selfish, and we’ll strategize with you to practice self care responsibly and nourish yourself in a way that serves you and others—and actually grows your impact and serves your aspirations.

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My Story…

I’m Safiya, and four years ago I moved to sunny Los Angeles to pursue my dream job. It was glamorous from the outside, but it wasn’t fulfilling up close. I was working full time in TV production and running my social good enterprise, Beldi Collective, on the side. One day on set, I had my first real panic attack. I went to the medic because I was afraid something was wrong with my heart, when really, my body was begging me not to ignore her any longer.

Shortly thereafter, I was up for a big job and realized that all I could talk about in the interview was my passion for entrepreneurship and creativity. I realized my body and my intuition had been telling me the truth for a long time. It was time to make some changes, and so, my healing journey began.

Yoga became my saving grace, and it taught me about the importance of holistic wellness and self-care as I learned how to heal my anxiety, burnout, and various health issues through using meditation, yoga, plant-based nutrition, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and cupping.

I founded I Am Well so that female creatives would have a space to connect and be able to share their experiences vulnerably, while making the time to take care of their health with practices that fit into their fast-paced lifestyle.