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Your pathway
to passion
and purpose.


Pathway to Passion & Purpose Program

The program for women who are done day dreaming and are ready to bring their passion project into the world.

Hey, love. Have you ever felt:

  • Frustrated that you’ve been journaling, brainstorming, dreaming, but can’t find the momentum to launch your passion project?

  • Intimidated to launch your passion project or side business because you’re not sure where to start?

  • Unsure of how you can make the time to create a project, while working a full time job?

  • Feeling stuck in fear, self-doubt, unable to hit “publish” and wishing you had support?

    If you’ve been dreaming, vision boarding, and visualizing your project launching but find that life keeps happening and your project stays on the back burner, I’m here to support you in launching that thing that sets your heart on fire without burning out.


This is your pathway to launching your passion project, gaining clarity in your purpose, building your confidence, and getting all the things done without burnout and sacrificing your wellbeing.

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I get it…because I was there a few years ago. Feeling creatively unfulfilled in my full time job but unsure about how to start a passion project and launch it into the world.

It’s taken years of trying things out, learning from my mistakes, working with amazing mentors and coaches…and now I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you.


Introducing the Pathway to Passion & Purpose Program

For women looking to gain clarity in their purpose and launch their passion project without sacrificing their well-being.

I’ll be sharing with your my strategies and tips, and take you step by step through how I launched my passion projects while working a full time job - and how to take care of yourself along the journey so you can feel your best while being creatively fulfilled.

Launching something with purpose takes strategy, accountability, and clarity of vision - let me support you in your journey and provide you with the tools to get there.


What you’ll learn during time together:

  • How to get clear on your WHY and what you’re here to create in the world.

  • The step by step process of taking an idea and creating a plan that’s sustainable for your current lifestyle.

  • Clarity on the audience that you’re serving, whether you’re launching a podcast, blog, Etsy shop, side hustle, or creative project.

  • How to create a brand identity that feels authentic to YOU and that you feel excited about sharing with the world.

  • How to serve your audience in a way that brings you joy.

  • Tools and resources to keep you organized so you don’t feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels.

  • How to share your story through branding, visuals, and design.


You’ll also learn:

  • How to create engaging content and discover the tools to create content that looks and feels professional.

  • How to create an online presence using proven strategies and tools that will keep you on track.

  • How to use meditation as a tool to gain clarity and inspiration for your launch.

  • Mindset tools to keep fear and self- sabotage from putting your amazing work out into the world.

  • How to avoid burnout and prioritize your health and well-being with my I Am Well Method.

  • How to monetize if you’re creating a side business and tools to keep track of numbers.

  • To set tangible goals that resonate with your purpose and not cause overwhelm, but rather keep you on track and moving forward.

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What you’ll get in this 8 week program:


8 Weeks of Support

Each week will take you through the steps from ideation to launch, with tangible tips and tools to get you there. We’ll have 8 calls where you can ask questions and get feedback from me.


Workbooks & Resources

Each week will have a corresponding workbook with writing and journaling prompts, valuable exercises, and checklists to keep you on track and give you clarity on the direction you’re going. You’ll also get wellness tools to keep you calm & centered.



You’ll get access to our private Facebook group to connect, ask questions, and share your progress. At the end of this program I’ll be hosting an in-person event in Los Angeles where we will connect and celebrate our accomplishments together!


This program is for you if…

  • You’re ready to receive support and take action to make your dreams a reality.

  • You’re committed to showing up and doing the work, because it’s what you’re truly passionate about.

  • You know you want to create something in the world, you just need a little help getting clear on what that is.

  • You crave community and accountability to keep you motivated and on track during your launch.

  • You feel overwhelmed with where to start and you need a clear step-by-step path to launching your passion project.

  • You’re ready to share your story with the world and connect with your audience in a way that brings you joy.

  • You’re passion driven and want to create something that is uniquely yours and positively impacts others.

  • You’re excited to invest in your idea and build your confidence so you can finally do the thing.


Pathway to Passion and Purpose Program


$1497 paid in full

or 3 payments of $499 over 3 months

8 Weeks of Pathway Program Content

PDFs & Resources

Private FB Group Access

1x Strategy Session Call with Safiya - 90 min

4x Mentor 1:1 Calls - 60 Min

Email support during duration of program


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Pathway program?

The Pathway to Passion & Purpose program is an 8 week group program. Calls will happen in September and November, and October will be an implementation month with no calls so you can buckle down and get this exciting work done!

I’d love to talk to you more about signing up, how should I contact you?

Grab a spot on my calendar here for a free call and we can chat and see if this program would be a good fit for you!

What topics will each of the weeks cover?


Your dreams belong to you for a reason. You’re here to create impact and do things that matter in the world.

You deserve the support to make that happen. Let’s do this.


Hi, I’m Safiya.

The founder of I Am Well Community. Five years ago I moved to sunny Los Angeles to pursue my dream job. It was glamorous from the outside, but it wasn’t fulfilling up close. I was working full time in TV production and running my social good enterprise, Beldi Collective, on the side. One day on set, I had my first real panic attack. I went to the medic because I was afraid something was wrong with my heart, when really, my body was begging me not to ignore my health any longer.

Yoga became my saving grace, and it taught me about the importance of holistic wellness and self-care as I learned how to heal my anxiety, burnout, and various health issues through using meditation, yoga, plant-based nutrition, and mindfulness practices.

I founded I Am Well to support female creatives in creating an impact in the world and pursuing their passions, while making the time to take care of their health with practices that fit into their fast-paced lifestyle.

Since launching I Am Well Community in January 2019, I’ve hosted 15 events across Los Angeles with some amazing brand partners and sponsors including Lululemon, Prophecy Wines, Sixty Hotel Beverly Hills, Suja, Tea Drops, and General Assembly. I have a passion for supporting other women in getting the ideas into action and creating their passion projects without sacrificing their health.